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The adventure begins...

The time was 15:00 (ish); the place, a disused military camp outside Prague; the event, the official Mongol Rally start start line (think Mad Max meets Wacky Races).

We'd already travelled over 1,000 miles to get there (shout out to the Schüßler family who put us up for a night in Heidelberg - fresh cherries in the room and everything!). Rach was over-excited, Charlie was still coming to terms with first gear, and Owen was smuggled over the border in a late EasyJet flight.

Fresh from a beer bath in Chodova Plana, we were brimming with a sense of anticipation of what was to come. With a tent that was too big, a sleeping bag too small and a car ill-equipped for the journey to come, the team set off, Owen on the roof rack) to Bratislava - the first leg on the long road ahead.

Follow our progress on Insta:

Crossing the start line!

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