One Night in Georgia

Leaving Turkey behind, we had lead in our feet as we raced through the Georgian countryside towards the bright lights of the big city! It was a quick pit stop in the capital - Tbilisi - arriving just before last orders at our hostel (which seemed almost entirely populated by other Mongolers).

We grabbed a quick beer in a nearby courtyard that resembled a scene straight out of Shoreditch: a hipster’s paradise of skinny jeans, well-groomed beards, craft ales and sourdough pizzas.

After a (relatively) early night, we woke up the following day to see the Western European influence further evident, with armies of early-rising joggers and streets of cafes serving everything from full English breakfasts through to French patisseries. After a quick refuel (for both us and Bluey) we set off to Azerbaijan for our first taste of bizarre border bureaucracy...