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The Charities

The Children's Family Trust

Becoming a foster carer is forever rewarding, but it is a life-changing decision. For the children separated from their own families, as well as for the foster families themselves.  

The Children's Family Trust (the CFT) work tirelessly for the stability and security of the children and young people they support - helping them to develop their talents and skills, achieve their potential and make the most of opportunities. 

Charlie's family have been fostering for years - they've seen how the support offered by the CFT is vital to build these new families and happy homes across the country.

This is why we're raising money to support their ongoing work.

“I became a foster carer with the Children’s Family Trust simply because I knew there were a lot of children out there who needed a good home. The main reason that I chose to work with the CFT is that it is a charity: any money received by the CFT is used for the benefit of the children we care for. 


And I believe strongly in the principles which Paul Field set out when founding the charity.  Seventy three years ago he set up the charity and opened up his home to over 20 children - ensuring they had a 'Family for Life'.  This is the motto of the CFT and, for me, it embraces all that fostering should be.”


Fiona Dwyer (Foster Carer with the Children’s’ Family Trust)

Fostering Matters. The 44k Foster Children in England Matter.

This year there are fewer places for children who need foster care, compared to last year. The number of children in care has been increasing at a faster rate than the number of fostering places - this may suggest the fostering sector is struggling to keep up with the increasing demand.

Part of the reason for the shortage of foster carers is the reduced funding and support, due to cuts in social services’ budgets. The number of children taken into care is rising, and social services are struggling. 


This is where charities like the CFT step in. Read out their good work here:

1. Ofsted, Fostering in England 2016-2017, National Statistics, 2018.

Cool Earth - the other charity

£500 of the charitable funds the team raises will go to Cool Earth (the sponsor charity of the Rally), to offset the environmental impact of us traipsing halfway around the world in a car that's almost the same age as some of the recently announced England squad. 


This is one of the few rules relating to Rally participation, and a pretty good one at that. 

If you'd like to donate to Cool Earth, click here:

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