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Charlie Dwyer

With an optimistic outlook, a relaxed approach to risk-taking, and a natural aversion to anything that could remotely qualify as forward planning, Charlie's belief that "it'll all be alright in the end" might well be tested on the long road to Ulan Ude.  Charlie is one of the first names you'd have on almost any list of adventurers... alphabetically speaking.

Owen Hancock

Mechanically astute, practical in a tight fix, and fluent in multiple languages... Owen is none of these things; but that's never stopped him before!  A veteran traveller, who needs both hands to count the number of continents he's encountered (which is both testament to his wanderlust and an unfair review of his numerical capabilities), Owen is an experienced passenger, which is as good as any qualification for this particular excursion.  

Rachel Hope

Small, energetic and with an insatiable appetite for adventure, Rachel is the real driving force behind this little road trip.  A seasoned explorer, mountaineer and trekker (if that's even a word), Rachel is probably the only reason the team is likely to cross the finish line unscathed (or even at all!).

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